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eSession preview
May 25, 2009, 3:44 pm
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Last week I’ve spent a very fun couple of hours with Charlotte & Dirk shooting their engagement session. We planned a little walk around the Bloso domain in Hofstade and ended up going urbex style at the old pool. (which was our end goal all along)

The amazing thing about an esession is that everything is very relaxed and it allows me to try some new things. I’ve been struggling with my 24-70, it’s no longer working out for me on a crop body. (obviously) I love shooting with my 70-200 and it defines me and my type of photography but I’d like to complement those shots with some more wide shots. Thus, the 24-70 was thrown onto the full frame.

eSession Urbex

Another thing I wanted to try and put into the mix was doing some wider angle close-up shots. Certainly a technique that won’t work with everybody, either it’s unflattering or it just really feels uncomfortable for the couple. Not in this case …

Charlotte & Dirk , in case you were still wondering, you totally nailed it!

And the end of the session I tried Bert his famous “afdakskestechniek” and I also put the 50mm through his paces @ F1.4.

Kudos to those who earn em, I wasn’t alone that day. Lieven proved to be a great assistant, both helping me out as a sherpa and supplying a friendly chat with the couple. And when he wasn’t blinding them with the sunbounce he wondered off a couple of times just to come back with some different locations & angles he found. Lieven, thx!


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Seems like a very nice and quiet location!

Comment by Serge Van Cauwenbergh

I know this location very well.. Had a some ‘goodtimes’ with a model … Oh yeah. Long time ago. It is def Mechelen old pool no?

Comment by Jasper Van Tilburgh

een dikke proficiat! Ook voor de ontzettend mooie bewerking!

Comment by Nimsa

Lovely series. Still using those 70s Lightroom presets I see? (or am I mistaken?).

Comment by Thomas

Great series Tom, I really love the second one!

Comment by Huwelijksfotografie Luna (Bjorn)

@thomas, actually it’s 90% home made that I only used for the first time on this image but if you could point me to that 70’s presets …

the first one is a PS texture/dodgeburn/vignette treatment + my custom preset. felt like doing a special one 🙂

Comment by tomleuntjensphotography

Very nice serie ! Love the post-processing

Comment by Frederik

You ‘ve nailed it to, big boy!

Comment by Jef Janssens

[…] eSession preview […]

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